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Helping You Gain Financial Clarity

You want to face your retirement with confidence and leave a legacy for your family, yet often, the big picture of your financial future can feel like a complete mystery. But it doesn’t have to be.

Since 1973, Paul R. Morris has been helping people make sense of it all. Our comprehensive, holistic approach toward investing and planning allows us to show our clients their true financial potential.

We specialize in helping you develop an integrated strategy for complete financial independence. By combining our sound advice with measured and perpetual discipline, we help our clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

We take a sincere interest in the particular needs of each client we serve. Through a collaborative team approach, we pride ourselves on meeting you where you are and working with you to take you to where you want to go.

Meet the Team that can help make it all happen!

Plan Your Future


Protect What’s Yours


Manage Risk Effectively


Build Your Legacy


Through our unique 5-step Process, we help you navigate the complex and ever-shifting financial marketplace so that you can make smart, informed financial decisions that could give you confidence for your financial future.

Getting You on Course and Keeping You There is What We Strive to Achieve

The Meeting of the Minds Advantage ©

Our goal during your initial session is to listen carefully to your personal objectives, goals, and expectations. We genuinely want to learn what's important to you in your long-term vision for your financial future. This helps enable us to establish a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust.

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The Big Picture Snapshot ©

In this step on our Roadmap, we help you determine if the path you are currently on is taking you closer to your goals, or if there are some vital adjustments that we can help you make to ensure a sound financial future for yourself and for your family.

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The Genesis Game Plan ©

We refer to this step in our process as the "Genesis" game plan, because helping you create order out of chaos is one of the areas in which we truly shine. We have yet to encounter a situation too unique or a problem too difficult to solve. Our team is highly skilled in working with affluent clients whose needs are both complex and unique. Here, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all financial approach. Rather, we integrate a variety of strategies to help create solutions for financial independence, with each strategy tailored to our clients' individual needs.

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The Strategic Action Matrix ©

Our proprietary Strategic Action Matrix is a method we use to help you prioritize your objective and hold other members of your advisory team accountable. here, we will help you create a strategic timeline that is both realistic and attainable, and keeps you in control of the process and components that go into creating your plan so that you could be well equipped to achieve your financial objectives.

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The Performance Navigator ©

From here, we schedule routine periodic reviews to keep your objectives in sight and measure your progress towards them. We will also be here to make mid-course corrections along the way, whenever we agree there is a need. Our commitment to you is unwavering and we welcome the opportunity to become your trusted advisor and guide on your path to financial prosperity.

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